Why You Need to Make a Grammar Check

There are a lot of grammar checking software available in the market that are hot cakes for the students, teachers, professionals, and businessmen who are busy enough and have no time to read the whole document again o check grammar. In this post, we explore some ways in which bad grammar can trip you up and negatively impact your life, therefore, you should always check the grammar of your document.

Losing the Job Before the Interview:

Sending off a CV without grammar checking your writing is tempting fate to come and smack you right between the chops. If an HR manager sees that you were sloppy enough to send in a CV/application form containing mistakes, the company isn’t likely to offer you an interview, are they? A job potentially receives 500+ applicants. To give yourself a fighting chance of landing the job, make sure you triple-check your grammar before sending off your application.

Being Taken Out of Context

There are few things worse than being misunderstood by someone you really want to make understand your position. But in today’s digital world this happens regularly because of the amount of communication conducted via the written word. Debates regularly unfold on blogs, Facebook and Twitter, and if you aren’t careful with your grammar you can easily be misunderstood. This could potentially damage your reputation and discredit your argument.

Losing Respect as a Blogger

Okay, so blogs can get away with the odd mistake here and there because people can appreciate that much of the writing is done as a hobby, and therefore time is scarce amidst life’s important responsibilities. However, blogging is becoming ever more competitive, and as such, the need to shine above your competitors to secure a bigger readership is greater. This means writing eloquent, error-free copy that resonates with your readership. You might get away with the odd mistake, but keep making silly grammar errors and you’ll soon see your visitor numbers fall through the floor. Don’t hit ‘publish’ before you’ve used a grammar checker.

Getting a Complaint Taken Seriously

Ever written an email or letter of complaint in the hope of generating an apology or refund? Well, you’ll know then just how important it is to come across as a serious, professional individual who means business. If you write a letter littered with grammatical errors, you are less likely to get the positive response you are looking for. You might say that this is discriminatory to those with poor writing skills, and you’d be right, but if you’ve ever worked in customer service you’ll know that a forceful, well-written letter urges you into promptly appeasing a customer’s demands.

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