Grammar Check Apps and Websites


From the time Grammarly was launched in 2009, it has steadily expanded its accuracy and capabilities, and users have paid the company its due, being consistently ranked at the top of the pack of grammar checking software lists. When Grammarly calls itself the “world’s most accurate grammar checker,” hardly anyone disputes it, including us. This app is available for free, so you can easily get a hands-on experience with it at no cost.


Reverso’s unique proposition involves grammar and spells check services not just for English but also for other major languages of the world: Spanish, French, Italian, German, Polish, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, and many more. To use Reverso, you either type or say what you want to translate. In seconds, Reverso then generates the result in the language you have selected.

Ginger Software:

The first thing you will notice about the native Ginger interface is its close resemblance to Microsoft Word. All semblance of similarity, however, just about ends there, as while Word will not see anything wrong with a sentence like “I lick to reed a camel,” Ginger will promptly see through the relevant context and reformat the sentence as “I like to ride a camel.” The original line makes for a direct spot in some dark humor forum, while the corrected one enables you to breathe a sigh of relief and to salvage some measure of legitimacy in your budding writing career.


Using a unique technology called Natural Language Processing, WhiteSmoke combines artificial intelligence and sophisticated algorithms to detect a wider range of wording and phrasing errors. All that intelligent muscle should take care of more grammar, spelling, punctuation, and stylistic issues.


The open source sector is well represented in the grammar checker software scene through LanguageTool, which can be used as a plugin for Chrome, Firefox, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, as a stand-alone dedicated desktop application, or as an integrated program on websites. With some 14 years behind it, LanguageTool is no slacker too, and it has become widely recognized in the industry to merit premium and enterprise plans to go with its free package.


If you want to know if what you’ve written is worth full publication or the trash bin, PaperRater will be more than happy to do it for you. And it does so in seconds, using artificial intelligence and its zippy flavor of data science to quickly scan for grammatical and spelling errors in order to score your output. With its plagiarism checker, PaperRater will also save you the potential embarrassment of someone else claiming original credit for a hefty chunk of your work.

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