Why Should I hire a professional ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter will make your job easier and more enjoyable:

Developmental editors are great. They offer valuable guidance about how you should format your book, and they provide helpful editing services. But even if you use a developmental editor, you will still need to do the bulk of the writing yourself, and that can be very time consuming.

Most of my clients are thought leaders, and their time is precious. As a ghostwriter, one of my major goals is to leverage my clients’ time, so the writing process is enjoyable, not burdensome.

When collaborating with a ghostwriter, you simply need to tell your ghostwriter what you want to say. Working from recordings of your conversations and from relevant blog posts, white papers, magazine articles you may have previously produced, he’ll write drafts for your review. The process will be far easier and more efficient for you, because your ghostwriter will do the heavy lifting.

A ghostwriter will usually produce a better final product:

When I’m working as a developmental editor, I feel somewhat obligated to minimize the changes I make to the author’s draft manuscript. If I think the material needs major rewriting or restructuring, I will certainly say so. But the natural bias of an editor is to improve rather than to innovate.

As a ghostwriter, I’m under no such constraint. Because I work hand in hand with the author from the beginning of the project to the end, I am able to help shape the format and content of the book to achieve maximum readership impact. And because I spend less time trying to guess what the author wants, my fees for ghostwriting are about the same as for editing.

A ghostwriter provides valuable objectivity:

Most authors I work with are experts in their field, and that can be a problem. When writing a book, they usually know too much about their area of expertise to see it objectively. Without outside assistance, they will tend to err in one of two directions. Either they will assume their readers know more than they do and omit important details, or they will overwhelm their readers with too much detail.

With a ghostwriter by your side assisting you with the writing of your book, you will be better able to see your subject from your readers’ point of view. A professional ghostwriter will help ensure that your message is clear, concise, and properly pitched to your target audience.

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